10 Aug 2018 – 10th Uncle TSANG YanChuen

Tue: lunch@ElizabethSt JapanGo, decent beef bento box. The food@The Market by Long’s across the street looked impressive and tempting! And here is a typical case where the grass is greener across the road – lol

The Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO) C$16 S$16.80 for seniors. Like the Frank Gehry designed spiral staircase (app 11 residential stories tall and I certainly felt that in my thighs!); glass and wood façade facing Dundas St W, spanning 180m (590′) along DundasSt. 

Views from the staircase.

ᑐᓂᕐᕈᓯᐊᖏᑦ Tunirrusiangit=their gifts or what they gave in Inuktitut – Kenojuak Ashevak and Tim Pitsiulak. David Ruben Piqtoukun (1950) limestone of Guidepost (1995) and Journey of a Great Woman (1995).

Works from Tom Thomson, Group of Seven, Emily Carr and Cornelius Krieghoff; Henry Moore Sculpture Centre; Cornelius Krieghoff (1815) Village Scene in Winter (1850) bringing back memories of my stay in N Norway.

Nice stained-glass at an interconnecting passage with a view to the old Victorian houses across the street.

From the Baroque – Gian Lorenzo Bernini, The Crucified Christ (Corpus), c. 1650.

Entrance/Exit and Gift shop.

A lovely stroll on the RiverSide Bridge across the DonRiver with the railway track&a walking-trail on one side and the highway on the other. Korean chicken dinner@Kaboom on QueensSt.

Wed: lunch in Chinatown/Spadina Ave@SwatowRestaurant, yummy beef noddles, especially the tendons. Here you can even get durians and all the tropical home-fruits. Wandering around this area, I can understand that it is possible to live and Canada and not speak English at all. Bought 5 pairs@C$3pp of the hand-made sequins slip-on footwear to send back to SIN.

The owners said to me in Cantonese – you are not from mainland China. I asked how she could tell and was told that I was not loud nor did I try to bargain with her!!

Bata Shoe Museum, All About Shoes: Footwear Through the Ages (C$12 S$12.50 for senior) home to the world’s largest and most comprehensive collection of shoes and footwear-related artifact. Exhibits a collection containing 13,500+ items from throughout history, as well as the present. It is the only museum in N America dedicated solely to the history of footwear.

Where there is a story and history for every pair of shoe.

Fascinating but would you wear any of these? Yes, if I do not have to walk.

Special temporary exhibition – Manolo Blahnik, The Art Of Shoes, a stunning retrospective by one of the world’s most influential figures within the fashion industry.

The Bata name brings back childhood memories of the Bata Factory on Temenggong Rd in SIN and in this museum, my N Norway days for the Lapps (Sami) display. Appreciations to Sonja Bata for this museum – highly recommended.

You know you’re old when someone compliments you on your alligator shoes, and you’re barefoot – Phyllis Diller

Great to catch up with Jennifer, dinner@KibuSushiHouse and dessert@TangoPalace, both on QueenSt for the convenience of the streetcar 🙂

Thu: Majulah Singapura and the best National Day ever for me – thank you to 10th uncle, TSANG YanChuen (only survivor of my mother’s siblings) for delicious lunch@Ginger & Onion Cuisine/Alton Towers Circle. Standing L-R: Francis (Winnie’s husband), cousin KarLeng, cousinWinnie (Anna’s eldest sis). Sitting L-R: cousinAnna, 10th Uncle, me, cousinYun, Henry (KarLeng’s husband).

So glad to be able to meet with mother’s youngest bro, 96yr and seeing him ticking off what he wants to eat on the menu and to watch him choose his own fruits and oils at the grocery is impressive.

Cousin KarLeng (daughter of mother’s older #4 sis ) and her husband Henry. who also live in Toronto. To the orange generation, 10th uncle is their grand-uncle from HKG who is the look-alike to the actor Charles Bronson.

Tkx to cousin Anna for arranging this. Feeling blessed to have this branch of the family crossing my life journey. Appreciations to cousin Yun for driving us to and from the other side of town.


Fri: TGIF – a good weekend to all. The Distillery District is a commercial and residential district located east of downtown.


It contains numerous cafés, restaurants, and shops housed within heritage buildings of the former Gooderham and Worts Distillery. The 13 acres (5.3 ha) district comprises more than 40heritage buildings and is the largest collection of Victorian-era industrial architecture in N America.

img_6708IMG_6892Has it been really exactly 5yrs ago I was here? Comment then was – if only these beautiful Bergo Designs are not soooo expensive and heavy. Today, 5yrs later (right), same comment!!


The district was designated a National Historic Site of Canada in 1988.


IMG_6895Funky and trendy designs with the Peace sign here consists of different religious symbols. Most religion teaches PEACE, but very unfortunately many ppl are not even aware or know or understand that, thus creating unrest and wars in the names of Allah, God etc. And before there can be Peace, you will need to unchain and unlock Love 🙂 Not sure if I like the banana light 🙂 🙂 but will end this posting here so as not to open another can of worms 🙂 🙂 🙂

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