Amtrak Train92 SilverStar

12 May 2018 – Tram, Plane, Train & Uber

Mon: the neighbour’s kid has a perfect helmet, I want one too with matching backpack especially with those spites 🙂 Bye for now OSL – will be back in Aug. The International GateF has this new colourful StreetEat – did not try, already bought my food at the grocery, but got a muffin there and it was so-so. OSL-FLL 9+hrs on a full&uneventful NorwegianAir flight. 1+hrs thru’ US immigration and on the hotel shuttle to the RedCarpet Inn before midnight.

Tue: finally back on the soils of the US of A –  quite a contrast in nature&wild life here in FL from OSL, internet sooo painfully slow at this inn.

Had an omelette breakfast next door@The Reef and there was enough for me to doggie-bag for another 2meals – welcome back to the land of plentiful. The cab fares to the AmTrak US$15 including tips. So all in all with transport, food, accommodation and train tickets US$150, S$200+S$530 (RT-airfares OSL-FLL-OSL) still makes this trip affordable.

First time@FLL train station

and while waiting for the train, some drama with an emergency and someone wheeled out to an ambulance.

The trip last year, did not get to take pix at Tampa and

Orlando, stations – this time round, stepped off the train 15mins stop for a few mins to capture these.

Wed: was 30mins delayed getting into Columbia at 0440hrs and was greeted by a friendly Uber lady driver (Katy) who got me safely back to the family this early morning. The efficiency of today’s world of technology!

Linn was already out and about running and working out with her runner-friends. The rest were still in their dreamland, Zuno welcomed me with his wagging tail – amazing that he recognized, remembered and did not bark!

Lost count of the stops on a comfortable 16+hrs (cat-nap here and there, bad internet connections) Amtrak SilverStar, but who is counting when am finally reunited with the FaBuLous5. Quite a zombie the rest of the day, must admit that this has taken more a toll mentally&physically than expected and might have to re-consider my future travelling routes if I remember to read back on this blog posting. As the years go by so quickly, so does the memory!!!

Thu: unpacking and repacking from what is left behind to check what is needed to be purchased and looks like shampoo and soap are on top of the list.

The staff at the NorwegianAirlines counter were impressed that I am travelling for 6months without checked-in luggage, just a backpack not knowing that I have stuff left behind both in Norway&US.

Fri: TGIF according to my laptop set in SIN time and since it is exactly 12hrs difference, did not bother to reset the time. Fri happenings will be in the next posting as it is actually still Thu here.

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