CNY Ambiance

12 Feb 2018 – At Waterloo St & Chinatown

Fri: piano finally tuned/S$85 and a long-due one, tkx to PakYen. Tkx Gel for her home-made yummy kimchi, ingredients pix credits to her.

Sat: lunch@One Canton with Sim&Pat. Had the Caramelised Roasted Ribs with Shrimp and Pork Dumplings Dry Noodles and it is nothing much to write home about in spite of the good reviews…

A drink@InterContinental to listen&see talented RitZu playing his flute. Have not hear him play since@BluJaz/Aug last year and tkx to him for playing my request – Beauty And The Beast.

Appreciations to sis-in-law, 2nieces, 2nephews+3grand nephews (3rd bro Steven’s branch) for including me in their reunion dinner. Good company, yummy foods, so who can ask for more.

View from the 22nd floor. 

Sun: tkx to Yoshi for NasiLemak lunch company and for the goodies.

Nice evening walk@EC Pk from areas C-G/8-9k, dinner stop at the EC-LagoonFoodC with Clement. Amazing to see all these planes descending every few mins. Next week will be a short working week to those who are working and living in countries that celebrates the CNY. Welcome home to those visiting families&friends and welcome to all who are just here to soak in this festive ambiance.

Saw some cymbidium finlaysonianum and Arudina graminifolia – tkx to NeoTuanHong for providing the names.

Mon: decided to soak in the pre-CNY ambiance, unable to do so last year due to heart procedure in hospital/Norway. First stop – app 10a WaterlooSt.

1030a – in Chinatown checking out the peanuts, melon-seeds, candies.


Never knew that there are sooo many varieties all looking the same to me from the outside, but if I ask Scott, he can definitely tell the difference.

Waxed-foods, cookies, decorations,

all kinds of flowers (for Valentine’s Day too!), good-luck bamboos.

IMG_2636This strange yellow thing is Buddha’s hand in Chinese (佛手柑), Japanese (仏手柑), Korean (불수감) and Vietnamese (Phật thủ), a fruit used as Chinese herb, preserved fruit, and ornamental plant.

Tkx to cousin Susannah for providing me the name as it is my first time seeing this and tkx to other FB friends for their inputs when I posted asking for more info as I am unable to read Chinese!

Lines to buy BakKwa, and NO was not there to buy this pork jerky,

but bought 3pairs/$25pp wooden clogs before the crowds, could not resist these, especially when the owner was there to fit the straps so as not to hurt the bunion on the feet.

Doggie-bagged a late lunch@ChiewKee, my favourite chicken noodle joint. Too crowded and hot to eat there.

The crowds were building up and was glad to head for the bus

via the overhead bridge crossing the road to the bus-stop.

Delighted to see such a crowd as it has been raining the previous few years, less ppl out buying and the vendors suffered from that. Soaked in the whole festive ambiance&colours. Hopefully less crowds after the CNY rush when I can enjoy the lights one evening!

Is this what is ahead for me??? So far none of the other years turned out as these predictions and why should this year be any different 🙂

Hard-working, persistent, conservative, loyal and private; the year of the Yang Earth Dog will be a busy one for the Ox, which includes some pleasurable social occasions and travel.   The year will arrive with some unexpected challenges and pressures but be assured, Ox, that your rewards will come in the long-term.

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  1. Hello! Red is “The Chinese New Year color”! Not terribly novel an observation, but it made me smile as I woke up. Courage and strength as you travel through your life, Hiker!

    • Hello – yes Red is it for the CNY. And yes will need all the courage&strength to continue this life’s journey. Such is life 🙂

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