2017 Julebasar@Sjømannskirken

19 Nov 2017 – Labrador Nature Reserve 

Thu: check out these ultra-lightweight gears@Campers’ Corner and learn how enjoyable&fun camping&hiking trips can be when you are appropriately equipped to take time being at peace in nature. Akan datang for these house-brand white 46-68gms sling-pouches.

Credits to Spencer Chew for the youtube link.

And you never knew that food can taste so good on a rocking chair under a flock of migrating snow-birds – like me 🙂 or under the moon with millions of stars.

Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better — Albert Einstein

Fri: TGIF – feels so good to be not doing anything or going anywhere but just snoozing and vegetating in these cool&wet weathers. If you see a beer in the above downloaded pix, you may have a problem, but since I am not a fan of beer, there should be no problems!


Here is a gentle reminder to NOT Drink&Drive. The Holiday Season is just around the corner and the local school holidays have just started here in SIN.

Sat: a day on the WestEnd. Started the day at 0600hrs on Bus16 changing to Bus30 to Labrador Park – an area which I have not been since a kid. Cute 4-wheeler motor-bike on the MCE Tunnel, but would not want to be in it on a highway!

Strange to see the emptiness@Brani Terminals in the sunrise. Snapped these shots (even when they are not the best from the upper-deck of a moving bus) knowing that they will probably the last I will see this – considering how things progress here, constructions of high rise will soon be the future views!

Got off on WC Hwy just after the LabradorMRT Sta and walked along LabradorVilla Rd to the park – beautiful peaceful morning mist along the way.

DragonTeethGate, MachineGunPort, BerlayerBecon. Was so excited to see these 2 bunkers across by Tanjong Rimau on Sentosa – have not seen these 2bunkers since I left SIN in the 1960s! There used to be a kelong here then, sadly gone now 🙁

1968 12 22 Singapore052


Tkx to JeromeLim for his blog posting that I found this 1968 kelong pix. 



Nparks did a wonderful job here with some white-fragrant orchids, pigeon orchid/dendrobium crumenatum blooming on this tree. Delicate flowers from the Putat laut/Barringtonia asiatica tree on the ground. Couple taking their wedding pix on the sandy playground and if only they know how to balance their marriage relationship on this see-saw so as both can balance and not fall! What an ironic position to have wedding pix!!

My lucky day here to meet this kind gentleman – appreciations to Tan ThaiPin who was taking pix with his drone and shared them with me.

These 2bunkers, bringing back such innocent childhood memories – now I am a total fan of the drone. Pix credits to ThaiPin Tan and his drone. 2pix of the drone are taken by me with my idiot-proof but precious camera!

Good of Hannah to meet up and walk on the BukitCherminBoardwalk by BerlayerCreek enjoying wide-life and the shade by the creek back to the bus-stop.

Enjoying the rest of my morning@the NorwegianSeamen’sChurch for their annual Julebasar – my best Christmases are from Norway.

Appreciating the brass-band/PosaunenchorSingapur and the views from one of SIN steepest roads before the deconstructions of the PasirPanjangContainerTermainls.

Feasting on yummy home-made smørbrød and catching up with SIN, Irish, Norwegian, NZ friends. Tkx Carmel, Hannah &Pauline&family for turning up. Looked like they had enough help this year. Could not help last year as Yun was visiting but did so 2yrs ago.


Met a new friend, SweeLin and while in the area, took the opportunity to catch up on family news with Clement@HawPaVilla & tea@HollandV. Back to the EastEnd by 1930hrs and had to crash after more than 12hrs on the go. Have forgotten how the strong the Norwegian coffee is, had a cup earlier and my heart was out of sync for the rest of the day…

Sun: did not open my mail box until this morning to receive a card mailed to myself from PEK airport as I was curious as to how efficient their snail-mail would be. Now I know, app 10days. Mailed to #1-5/US and #6/Norway. Wonder if they have received them?? Used to snail-mail cards to my children where ever I may be and now will still try to do it to the grandchildren!

Staying in today to recover from the cup of Norwegian coffee yesterday – hahaha

Chocolate, men, coffee — some things are better rich – Author Unknown

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