Yeah Way To Go

30 Oct 2017 – Linn, Katy & Ellie

Fri: still searching for pix. TGIF. Happy 93Bday to Ellen, the best grandmother for my 2children&the best great-grandmother for my 6grandchildren. Pix from 1960s-2000s.

How is it possible that she was in her 40s when we first met? That is the age my first-born is now! Where has all the time gone?? I find myself asking this question more than others!! Time has a tendency to play tricks on us as the years go by.

Sat: can you guess what this pix is – here is bigger pix. Like in life, some things are not what they seem to be until the whole pix is revealed. Was just meditating when this image caught my eyes again and it has happened some time ago. Not sure why only now did I decide to take a pix of it??

Am sooo proud of my first-born Coach Linn Hall and #1&#2+friends who made it to States for XC. What an achievement. Congratulations and will be keeping my fingers crossed for them and myself this coming Sat 4Nov when I will be in PEK giving the TEDx talk.

Sun: early morning walk on EC Pk with Clement, this time round walking towards the airport instead of the direction to the Gardens By The Bay. Stopped for a cuppa and a bowl of MeeSiam breakfast@EastCoast Food Village. Forgot the camera on the bench, thank goodness it was early and was still there when I turned back to find it.

This must win the most unusual race – The Urgent Run!! with a row of portable Johnny by the path…

A good climbing tree! Has been awhile since being on the Bedok Jetty, many ppl out fishing this morning.

Spotted some ppl far out paddle boarding and was trying to get nearer to take a pix.  What are the chances of bumping into a nephew from London when taking an early Sunday morning walk with another nephew SIN?? Welcome back to SIN Andrew, did not even know that he is here visiting!

Last minute shopping at the airport (saving 7%GST) before flying off tomorrow. Not sure how much access of FB, Hotmail or WordPress there will be in China, so if no words, just means limited or no access. An early Happy Halloween to all celebrating.

A grandmother pretends she doesn’t know who you are on Halloween – Erma Bombeck

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