West Side Story

17 Sep 2017 – In The East

Fri: yeah my congee-stall is opened today TGIF, and after bowl of hot congee, took my coffee for a walk. Small world, discovered that our local young talented flautist Rit has a bro who is a good photographer – pix of JoeSchooling+towkay (owner of the coffee stall) taken by Rex, Rit’s bro.

Mesmerized by the sunrise colours and cloud formations@ECPark that I lingered longer than usual to soak up more aura&energy, both seems to be lacking in me lately. The sun was already blazing hot by the time the body was ready for a shower. The song What A Wonderful World pops in the head after such a morning. Yes it’s going to be another wonderful weekend to all.

Have hoped to be back in local time, but not the case! Could hardly keep the eyes open by 1000hrs! a few mins snooze turned to an 60+mins!!

Tried to keep awake at this movie Mother and whatever the writer-director Darren Aronofsky is trying to say did not get thru’ for me except for Mother’s Earth climate change…


Tkx Yoshie for getting these Star-Wars chopsticks – no problems finding and seeing food even if power goes 🙂

In good company and tkx to Calvin for Japanese dining and a great evening at Oceans of Seafood, PasarBella@The Grandstand***

Choose this location as it is away from the F1 which started today. Pix taken from bus48 joining on to ECP from Ophir Rd at about 2300hrs, no races on then!

Sat: Happy Bday dear sis-in-law Ivy and tkx for a night out@MBS. West Side Story***** those in my generation will probably remember the movie version (1961) of this!

This new stage production is excellent and highly recommended. Tkx to Les for surprising us with bubbles during intermission and the luxury in a box which is the 1st time for me!

A wonderful evening with Les&Ivy+Kiera ending with dinner@The Bird***good Southern food (USA), especially the Fried Green Tomatoes. Was told that is a bourbon bar upstairs but did not venture there, next time.

Was expecting traffic jams due to F1, surprising hardly any traffic to&fro. And with time to kill at the Mall – hypnotizing sand-art display@LV

Sun: in anticipation of the bad traffic from last night F1, spent the night@L&I in their lovely surroundings with Petrea volubilis (queen’s wreath or sandpaper vine) hanging – tkx to Bian for providing name. Was awake dark and early hoping to make the Orchid Show@Holt Park but ended up snoozing back@my pad that looks like Irma made a call in my space! Used to be able to keep a decent pace, but now, ouch – blame it on age, jet-lagged, etc or both 🙂 

There’s a place for us, 
A time a place for us. 
Hold my hand and we’re halfway there.
Hold my hand and I’ll take you there
Somewhere! – West Side Story

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