10 Sep 2017 – Visitor Bidding Goodbye

Fri: TGIF and elections are on-going with ppl in line to vote. Shopping at the sales@XXL Majorstua. 

Not a good Friday for ppl in the path of Irma or the recent earthquake in Mexico. Take care to those in these areas and thoughts are with all my FL friends and their families.

Alonza, Jan, Jackie, Amanda, Gayle, Peter, Tom&Janice, Terry&Dee, Jim&Angela, Jacqueline, Allison, Cheryl, Mary, Hank, Carol, Shirley, Debbie, Cee, Judy, Kathie, Nancy, Helen, Ramona, Jeff, James, Francisco and apologies to whoever not in FB whom I might have omitted. Be safe and out of harm’s way.

Quick trip into town with M to check out bunad=traditional Norwegian costume and some traditional hand-made Norwegian gifts – expensive shop!

Sat: a visitor (must have scented flowers bought from neighbourhood flower-shop) to bid goodbye to summer 2017 and to the OSL trip this time round.

Enjoyable day@Sporveismusett=Tram-Museum&Library with #6.

A good place to be on a wet rainy day where one can explore and climb into most of these trams – some of them excellently refurbished to get the feeling of the good old days. Well-worth NOK50 S$9

Appreciations to M&B for my favourtie Norwegian lamb dish – får-i-kål=lamb in cabbage, ie lamb&cabbage stew.

IMG_9753Sun: packed, duct-taped the cracked suitcase! and ready to head to the airport. Hope that the suitcase will see us thru’ this trip and that the heaven above will just stop with the rains for a few mins while I get on the bus and then changing to the subway to catch the airport Xpress train. Best of luck to O-home Bday party where he will only be having ppl not from his school!

Congratulations to nephew LAM YinChun&Francesca for being awarded Datuk&Datin by Sultan Muhammad V (KL/Malaysia). Chun is the 1st-born of bro Lawrence&Mabel. For the benefits of my overseas friends – Datuk is a traditional Malay honorific title commonly used in Malaysia, Indonesia, and Brunei. Its variant is Dato and its equivalent is Datu Sadja in the Philippines.

No one who achieves success does so without acknowledging the help of others. The wise and confident acknowledge this help with gratitude – ― Alfred Whitehead

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