2017 Vocational Bible School VBS

15 Jun 2017 – And Summer XC Practices

Mon: @Shandon Baptist Church where the theme for VBS is Star Wars. This year both #1&2 are volunteers to help out and #3 will not be there. With both their long hairs, #1&2 would have made perfect Princess Leia but with XC practise starting at 0700hrs, they will not have the time to braid their lovely long blond hair.

May The Force be with them all.

Linn & I did some shopping while the kids were at VBS. Always managed to spend money@World Market. Difficult to resist these beautifully packed soaps and do need a change of different leafs from the old place-mats in SIN, also found some napkin holders to match with the kitchen’s greenery. The cork designed wine gift-bags are neat too.

#3 is staying the night with Cindy so as to catch their early flight to CA tomorrow morning. That means I will not see #3 until next year.

Cindy takes one of the grandchildren when they turn 10 to anywhere in the US (excluding AK&HI), and this year is #3’s turn and they are heading to SanDiego, CA.

Tue: full day for the family from XC practice to VBS. Took #4&5 for a swim on the lake this beautiful late afternoon while Linn was busy with the coaches for their CPR Certifications.

Beautiful blooms of Crepe Mrytle (tkx Jan for the name) on the trees in the neighbourhood – the Tiger Lilies are out!

Summertime, and the livin’ is easy
Fish are jumpin’ and the cotton is high… – George Gershwin

Distrubing news from SIN – sad to learn about this considering how hard Mr&MrsLKY worked to build SIN and raise their family, and now just reading&watching his children carrying on like this is disheartening. Above 3pix downloaded.


I also noticed something in the air. The rain was over. The air was fresh. One era has ended. A new one has begun. Majulah Singapura – Bertha Henson

Wed: why does anyone wants to read the news when these are the morning headlines on BBC and similar headlines on other news channels? Such a downer for today.

A top US Republican was among five people who were shot and wounded by a gunman during baseball practice in Virginia.

At least six people have died after a huge fire raged through the night at a west London tower block, and police expect that number to rise.

Feeding #3’s pet frogs is a nice break. Was teasing him about Chinese liking to eat frog-legs, but he was not too worried as these are no bigger than my thumb-nail – bringing back memory of a 21st Century Fairy-tale from many moons ago…


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