23 Apr 2017 – Updating Lukla

Thu 6Apr 0745hrs: KTM – Lukla 2,610m 35min domestic flight

to the world’s most dangerous airport, the Tenzing–Hillary Airport/LUA has a 527m runway with a 11.7% gradient, at an elevation of 2845m. The gradient helps the plane to slow down when landing, and build up speed when taking off. One end of the runway runs off a cliff. The only runway 24 (in Cantonese it sounds like easy death!) not a good number for the Chinese, but hopefully for the Nepali it has other significance!

Into the land of Sherpa=Eastern ppl in Tibetan. Here a repacking process – pix credits to Calvin. We meet with our 2 young porters who will be carrying our luggage for the entire trek. To my Irish friends, this Irish pub is dedicated to you all 🙂

0845hrs: Lukla 2,610m – Phakding 2,810m 9k: along DudhKoshi River (Milk River), passing thru’ mt views, Tibetan words carved in rocks.

Over an hour lunch break@Mt Kusum Khangkaru Lodge&Restaurant in the village of Kusum Khola.

The reason for such long lunch breaks is that the preparations do not start until you order! First short bridge after lunch. Tkx to Calvin for stretching my boots to protect my bunion here. My admiration, respects and hats off to these Sherpa and porters who carry anything from 40-100kg up here. Am struggling with just a 5kg daypack!


Beautiful ups and downs, exposed trek without my hat, many short breaks.

Heading to our lodgings@Tashi Ta-Gey Lodge in Phakding 2,620m/8,595ft. Got there by 1500hrs but too tired to explore further. Just sitting and enjoying company of Maria/Peru, John/Aus who lives in SIN, Travis/medical student from SIN (told him that I will haunt him if he ever resuscitate me 🙂 ) and watching life goes by – even a handsome horse-rider 🙂 🙂 🙂

4above pix credits to Calvin. Slight headache but hopefully due to the exposed trek today. Will sleep the night here and see how things goes tomorrow.

The effects of high altitude on humans are considerable. The percentage oxygen saturation of hemoglobin determines the content of oxygen in blood. After the human body reaches around 2,100m/7,000ft above sea level, the saturation of oxyhemoglobin begins to plummet.

High altitude: 1,524-3,505.2m/5,000-11,500ft.

Very high altitude: 3,500-5,500m/11,500-18,000ft.

Extreme altitude: above 5,500m/18,000ft.

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