10 Oct 2016 – 2016 Fall and Winter Launch

Sat: much boring paper work to plough thru’ for the weekend but has to be done before partying tonight!


What a bunch of dashing young men@Arc’teryx Fall/Winter 2016 Launch Party 🙂 Pix of QX, Thomas and Benson (pix credits to SengHock). Saw that many were taking pix and looked like my pix turned out as blur as I was at this party! Blame it on jetlag and hurricane Matthew!!


Upon catching the sight of SengHock, I knew that there will be enough of good pix circulating around. He is a good photographer who takes clear and sharp images. Sam sprucing Thomas up for the fashion parade!


Appreciations for the invite Calvin, good to see so many there. Tkx for an enjoyable evening to Management, Staff & Friends@Campers’ Corner and Arc’teryx, the best outdoors and urban outfitters stores in SIN.


Chris testing out my self-timer with a smaller group downstairs@Campers Corner as the party upstairs was crowded. Those who know me also knows how I feel about crowds! More so after just returning from the world’s northernmost city Tromsø/Norway pop 50,000+, area 2,520km² (973sq mi). SIN pop 5.3+mil, area 719km² 277sq mi)…!!! Tkx to Christian’s daughter that we have a group pix.

Sun:  9Oct 0630hrs – the view outside is same as the previous posting (7Oct), no updates necessary. Really enjoying and liking these downpours (do not usually last more than 15mins) and cooler (of course that is relative) weathers. Very calming and relaxing.


14650181_10210905319619705_3423963026871462917_nFamily and friends in FL, GA, SC and NC have reported that they are safe from ‘Matthew’. Have been following closely with the news and see that there are wide-spread floors. Linn, Jeff & the Fabulous5 have escaped to higher grounds at their Sugar-Mt ski condo in NC for the weekend, but still wet and windy as reported by her. 4pix credits to Linn.


Lunch with Clem & family and a walk-about window shopping with him who knows me enough to take me to the least crowded places in the weekends. Visited bro Steven in SGH and so sad to see him aging this way 😢


Looks like the MRT construction works are not only in my area, here at the jct of Grange Rd and Rochalie Dr is the same story. Hope that the big trees will stay. Wonder if I will be around to be able to take the Thompson-East Coast Line MRT from MT to Napier?? That will save me 30mins with this direct line to travel from my place to SBG. Tkx to Les&Ivy for dinner and wines.

Nice to catch up with Les&Ivy to arrange socials for cousin Yun from Toronto when she will be visiting in Nov. Looking forward to family gatherings in Nov.


Mon: the SunShines of my life enjoying Caesars Head State Park, SC and to quote Linn –  What a difference a day makes☀️ tkx Linn for these wonderful shots and for sharing your sunshines. Appreciations for dinner at sis Jo’s. Have now caught up with those closest to me in my family.


Happy Canadian Thanksgiving to family and friends and to all who are celebrating today. Enjoy the turkey.

Being a mother and grandmother is the best of the best in my life. My grandchildren multiply the joy my daughters bring me – Alexandra Stoddard

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