Discovering South Beach

30 Oct 2015 – And Rediscovering Suntec City

The Bios Urn – Let’s convert cemeteries into forests!

bios_urnThe Bios Urn is a fully biodegradable urn designed to convert you into a tree after life. Mainly composed of two parts, the urn contains a seed which will grow to in the name of your loved one. Bios Urn turns death into a transformation and a return to life through nature.


Pay attention to something he said about SIN – ‘transport this to SIN who is neutral and will give it to the world’. Let’s hope he is right about SIN as his ideas are brilliant and for the good to the whole world…


Thu: happy to see blue sky and to have watched Baby Steps***where Danny and his boyfriend, Tate, want to have a child of their own but their journey to parenthood becomes complicated when Danny’s meddlesome mother tries to take control of the couple’s every decision. A good progressive Taiwan movie with a message of tolerance and love showing at Suntec GV,


Took the chance to rediscover Suntec City where only The Fountain of Youth seems to be the only constant fixture.


The new Sky Garden is now open and there is no lack of eateries. Looking at the cars displayed, I can also imagine what kind of clienteles are expected here!



South Beach standing on 3.5-hectar with 2 new blocks comprising of offices, a hotel, shops and residences on Nicoll Highway. Quite impressive, would like to be able to get up to the pent house some day!


The project includes the restoration of 4 conservation buildings – the former Non-Commissioned Officers’ Club building and part of the former Beach Road Camp which brought the memory back to the 1950s where I was there for a wedding. Glad to see somewhere still in the memory in this very modern project.

12.we-remember-the-moments-memories-picture-quoteAn old school mate, Melinda Lewis was one of them in the wedding group, must reconnect with her and ask whose wedding was it? Do remember that my cousin Des (may he RIP) was with me. So can presume that they are either family or friends of aunty Winnie.

12191702_924360860945355_3971885335645030570_nFri: good news today considering the tears and the scene I caused at the first and only bull-fight I attended in Spain/1960s not knowing what the reality of bull-fight was about then. Poor father, he was totally embarrassed by me!

Bull fighting or any animals used for fighting is cruelty against animals or any living creatures who has a life and can feel. This should NEVER have been approved least to even say subsidized !!!

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