Senior Tuesdays!

7 Aug 2015 – IKEA Sale


Tue: is when some of the grocery stores give senior discounts here in SIN. Shopped at T3 Changi airport – not only with senior discounts, but without GST+Changi Reward Points. For me it is nearer to go there than into town.


The Kopitiam there is offering 30% off with their  iCard (for seniors) on all the food items until 31Dec. It works out to be about the same price to eat there with AC as in any HDB neighbourhood without AC.


Bus#36 to and from the airport is a pleasant one on ECP and MP Rd. Today was a good experience to write to SBS.  Usually at T2, there is a change of bus-driver and over the years the drivers just locked the passengers inside the bus and left before the other drive arrives. Was never comfortable with it even though nothing happened. For the first time today, this bus driver waited till the next shift arrived.


Wed: tkx Aileen and Yulis for yummy Thai lunch at Beerthai House***Golden Mile Complex – Little Thailand! Here one can find authentic Thai food, well as authentic as one can find away from Thailand! So far, the best Olive rice I have had in SIN.


Was told that I was not allowed to take pix of this dessert stall after I took the pix.


Thu: app at MtE and later to IKEA. With SG50 sale, it was not difficult to find something to purchase. The crowds and lines were expected and there are some good deals for members today. Promotions on the smoked-salmon and meatballs.


 A set of 3lights (battery not included!) S$2, chain of red lights S$2 – ready to celebrate National Day and Christmas 🙂


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