‘Greyhounding’ in 2015

27 Jun 2015 – Been There Done That
Thu: dep Clarksville/TN 15.10hrs with a delay of 45mins.


Arr Nashville/TN16.15hrs with a layover of 1.5hrs.


Picked up passengers at Murfreesboro/TN and a toilet break at Manchester/TN.


Arr Chattanooga/TN 20.20hrs with a 15min toilet break and then continuing to Marietta/GA to drop off passengers before hitting ATL/GA at 2310hrs with 4.5hrs layover.


Fri: ATL/GA station was packed due to delays with the bus to DC. A nice surprise from a Muslim group (Greyhound Angels!) who was serving free food at the car-park, tasted some rice and stew. Quite good ‘Greyhound Magic’ considering what is sold at these stations! Eyes could not keep open to focus on the camera for this last section of the journey…



Dep ATL/GA on time 04.30hrs with a short stop in Augusta/GA (looks like a delightful place thru’ the Greyhound windows!). Arr CAE 0900hrs and way too hot to walk out to the main road. Took a cab for the 0,5mi and had to pay a minimum US$10. Considering the heat on this narrow road with backpack and baggage, cab was the choice!

Bus journey – 9hrs 10min. Layovers – 6hrs US$62.

Been in SC, NC, VA, WV, MD, TN and GA within 2weeks; 26+hrs driving time, 16.30+layovers costing US$197.05 have certainly been like watching movies! Am Greyhounded out (if there is such a word) for 2015. All worth it to catch up with friends.


After 4hrs brunch at Denny’s, needed to find a hotel to rest for a night before Jeff’s 40Blast 🙂 Super 8 across the road from Denny’s. WiFi and TV to put me to sleep! The weather outside at present is that you can fry and eggs on the sidewalk and according to the weather channel it is 98°F feels Like 102°…

Conversation about the weather is the last refuge of the unimaginative – Oscar Wilde

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