Wilma Rudolph

26 Jun 2015 – An Inspiration To Runners

Clarksville where this incident happened. Sad, but what kind of parent is this who knows that her child needs ‘EpiPen’ and yet be so irresponsible and thoughtless???



Tue: Nancy was invited to Hananoki Japanese Steakhouse and went along as her guest. Interesting 1hr talk about ‘Financial Facts’.


Dinner was served after the talk and the steak was OK. Probably not their best for a group who was provided with dinner at no cost for attending the talk, thus it will not be fair to rate it. Was informed later by Matt that this is the best restaurant here.



Wed: from historic locations to contemporary architecture, Montgomery Central High School (Cunningham, app 20mins from Clarksville) was completed in 1970. It is an unusual and interesting structure situated on a man-made lake and featuring concrete shell construction.

We were trying to find Wilma a few days ago on the river front where she was supposed to be. But alas she was not there and no wonder as she ran away in the event of more floods!


In 1960, she became the first American woman to win  3gold medals at a single Olympic Games. May she now RIP in her new home at the Wilma Rudolph Event Center.



Lunched at Liberty Park Grill***next to the WR Event Center. Good salad with a good view to end this hot touring day. Grateful to Nancy for driving me around.


Appreciations to Matt & Kristy for having me out to their home. Good to see him and his family. Matt has been in K thru’ all his school years, including UF with Jeff. He crossed paths with Linn when we moved to FL in the late 1980s. Difficult to believe that Josh and Ellisa are now both in the U…


Thank you Nancy for putting me up and putting up with me near the little people! Thank you Linda for the use of her washer and dryer. It was a pleasure to meet a lovely local lady who is born and bred in this delightful place.


It’s not the days in life we remember, rather the moments – Walt Disney –

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