22 Jun 2015 – Past & Present



Thu: Pokey and I had a pleasant quiet day catching up with online stuff at the local library (residence to Frank) and Panera Bread. Both places rather slow on their networks, but better than none!



Interesting Ghost Tour of HP by Rick Garland at 3 of the most haunted houses there. Highly recommended and well worth the US$14.



Fri: a walk thru’ town. HP is the only place I have been where the Town Hall, Police Station, Post Office and Olde Towne Liquors in the same building 🙂


Good to catch up with Miss Wiggy, Lizard & Loon who arrived this afternoon. HiHills, Franklin and Joe returned from DC this afternoon too.


Appreciations to Pokey and HiHills for all the yummy breakfasts, lunches, dinners and snacks ie all the food consumed at Highacre.



Sat: so very nice to have caught up with my hiking buddies over the week but also time to go our separate ways.


Thank you to HiHills and Franklin for getting me to the Greyhound in Roanoke/VA to catch the bus to Clarksville/TN.


Roanoke/VA – Wytheville/VA 1hr, layover 40mins by a McD; Wythville – Marion/VA (Hungry Mother State Park!), parcel drop-off. An unusual name and an interesting legend to read.


Sun: Bristol/TN 10mins layover


Johnston City/TN 10mins layover


Knoxville/TN 1hr layover


Nashville/TN 3hrs 15mins layover.


Finally Nashville to Clarksville/TN 1hr on the bus. Appreciations to Nancy for meeting me.

Total bus journey – 8hrs 45min. Layovers – 4hrs 30mins US$66.50.


Happy Father’s Day to all fathers. Fond memories of my own father and thank you for life.

Good night, good night! Parting is such sweet sorrow,
That I shall say good night till it be morrow – Shakespeare

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