19 Jun 2015 – By Bus and Car!

Sat: arr Charlotte/NC 0100hrs (1.5hrs ride) with 4.5hrs layover at the station which probably did not foresee that the human-traffic would be that heavy. If it was daylight, would have probably venture into town.



Dep: Charlotte 0545hrs, arr Winston-Salem 0700hrs/NC (1.15hrs) with 1.20hr wait at WS – nice station and near town. Short walk to town for breakfast.


Dep: W-S 0840hrs (1.20hrs) to Wilkesboro/NC. Glad to see HiHills waiting for me. Greyhound from CAE-Wilkes – driving time app 4hrs, layovers app 6hrs, cost US$68.55.

Their grandbaby James and his mom was visiting and good to meet them.



Appreciations for steak dinner at 6th & Main****



Sun: dep Wilkes 1000hrs with a couple of detours and stops – gas, Troutville where the AT crosses, New Market/Woodside Farms, once owned by Jessica Leigh’s grandfather-in-law, Mr Wehrmann.


Arr Harpers Ferry 1700hrs. Driving time from Wilkes to HP 5.5hrs.


Nice to see MoFo, Pokey and their group. Early Bday celebrations for MoFo.



Tkx to Pokey for arranging accommodations in this beautiful house/Highacre with a view and located in the middle of the historic district. Great memories staying in this exact location 2005.



Mon & Tue: guess when would be he first place to revisit here?? ATC@HF on this hot and muggy afternoon. Found my mug-short from 10yrs ago! Sad to discover that John Fletcher passed away in 2013. May he RIP.


AT thru’HF


Exploring the St. John’s Episcopal Church Ruins in the heat and humidity.


St. Peter’s Catholic Church


HF is best known for John Brown’s raid on the Armory in 1859 and its role in the American Civil War. Now a population of app 300!



Wed: nice hike with HiHills (not the AT) to the Outlook Cliff.


Wonderful views of HF and the meeting of the Potomac and Shenandoah Rivers. The  walk from the house to the middle of the historic area seems far when seen from this location, but when we are walking downhill, it does not seem that far – uphill is another story! Tkx Pokey for the tip – highly recommended.



Revisit to the Old South Mountain Inn****and the table where I sat to dine 10yrs ago is still intact.


More memories on our drive back to the house…

Thu: how is it possible that there is so much hatred for someone to do something like this? Condolences, prayers and thoughts out to all victims, families and friends affected.

This is so very sad – the guy is from Lexington County where Linn recently did the JailBreak 5K Run organized by The Lexington County Sheriff’s Department.

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