Murraywood Sharks

14 June 2015 – Swim Meet


Wed: fireflies are my favourite bugs when they light up, but nothing much to look at when they have no sparkles! First saw them at Lake Cumberland/KY many moons ago! Here they do not seem to be as abundant as it was then, or maybe it is not the season.


The red Cardinal has a nest in the Camilla tree by the outside deck. Saw the male bird flying towards the nest a couple of days ago. It was too fast to capture a shot but took this shot very carefully the day after when I realized the absence of the male bird. Looks to me like the baby birds are not alive…



Thu: congratulations Murraywood Sharks and to #2 & #4 for winning against Quail Valley. Tkx to Justin and Haley for their help. Last swim meet I attended was@LHHS in the 1990s when Jeff was in the swimming team…


Fri: cleaned and packed. Tkx Linn for getting me on time to the bus stop by Walmart on Harbision. Interesting ride on bus/Comet #34 from Irmo into Columbia. Connecting on #30 – efficient, cheap (US $1.50X2) and on time. Was the only Asian at the Sumter St Transit station and on board…

Edited 15 Jul 2015 – ‘4 people injured in downtown Columbia stabbing’. Forwarded by Linn when I was in FL. Sure glad that this did not happen when I was there less than a month ago!


#30 stopped on Fairfield Rd opp Denny’s where I had dinner. The walk to the Greyhound station was only about 0.6mi and took about 10mins which seemed forever as there was little street light (22.00hrs) and had to be careful not to be hit by oncoming traffic!

Small and clean station where the Coke vending machine swallowed my coins without giving me my drink 🙁 Bus took off 23.30hrs heading towards Charlotte/NC. Bye for now SC.

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