2015 USA Trip

6 May 2015 – Hello Family In Columbia/SC

Mon: dep SIN Mon 4 May 0640hrs SIN time, arrived CAE 4 May 1905hrs CAE time – being 12hrs behind SIN.


After 20+hrs (SIN-NRT 6+hs, NRT-ATL 12+hrs, ATL-CAE 45mins) in the air and 5hrs layovers at NRT-ATL, uneventful with all flights on schedule. Met by Jeff and the gang of 5 including Zuno


Safe & sound in CAE, SC/USA with a beautiful sunset in glorious weather. Feeling like a zombie but happy to reunite with the family…


New addition to the family, Zuno the family pet and new stuff – a boat, hammock and tree-house which fit very nicely in the backyard. Pix credits to Katy for paperbag head Zuno!


Tue: Happy Cinco de Mayo. Slept thru’ like a rock last night from 2300-0700hrs and hopefully will get straight into the local time! The weather with clean air is just perfect and tried out the new tree-house – peaceful with the birds chirping and leafs rustling in the breeze.


All the others are in school and work, only Linn & James home this early afternoon. Heaven is certainly a place on earth here and if it is a dream, plx do not wake me! Have always wanted a tree house – now I can finally relive my childhood with the grandchildren 🙂 Feeling relax and serene…


Cheers with a sugar cookie from The Blue Flour. Kids had virgin Margaritas. Impossible to get a family pix and the only way I can get one of James is that he got stuck in the high stool and then another one of Zuno trying to get on the hammock with the 3 younger ones 🙂 🙂


Cinco de Mayo bouquet, new kitchen glass-bell lamp shade, Italian Heather, something new which I am told can be planted outdoors when the flowers are no longer.

In this world we’re just beginning
To understand the miracle of living…

Ooh, baby, do you know what that’s worth?
Ooh heaven is a place on earth – Rick Nowels & Ellen Shipley

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