Prolonged Celebrations

18 Jan 2015 – For A Ripe Age Of 65 Years…


Sat: welcome Minos who arrived safe and sound, and starving from Toronto/Canada via HKG! A plate of SIN Carrot Cake and Fried Oyster at T3 Kopitiam***seemed to have satisfied his appetite for the time being ūüôā Dropped him off to his hotel after lunch. Amazing that he was not tired after nearly 20hrs in the air more hours of layovers! Will probably hit him later…


We¬†picked Minos from the hotel¬†to join us for a¬† belated BDay dinner at Clem’s. Did not really want to be out on a Sat evening with the crowds, especially just after Clem’s¬†cataract surgery. Bought food back to his place. Tkx for the GinSeng Bird’s Nest, Sue.


Have been trying to look for coffee ribs and found some at Tong Ah¬†on Keong¬†Siak Road, the original Tong Ah¬†being a beautiful white corner building with¬†some personality. Due to raising rents it moved to #36, and¬†as far as I can remember #36 was a club where father went to play mahjong in the 1950s!¬†And the coffee ribs are nothing to write home about…


Cakes at one of my favourite bakers in Bk Merah, The Bakery Chef****looking and tasting good РOpera Cake, Chocolate Rainbow, Lollipop Cheesecake, Rainbow Cake and Praline Delight.


Sun: morning walk on East Coast Park. Not early enough as someone has already arranged these flowers ūüôā ūüôā our native coastal tree Putat Laut (Barringtonia asiatica). Thanks and appreciations to Bian for providing the name. Found only¬†one orchid plant¬†in bloom and according to Peggy this is a Phal. Am so fortunate to know people who are knowledgeable about ¬†our local plants¬† and orchids. Good to have a name to them when posting these pix.

Many barricades and changes there. The water skiing location is now closed down. East Coast Lagoon Food Village is definitely a night place. There were only a couple of stalls opened; the MeeSiam there was OK, abit on the oily side. MeeSoto was too spicy for overseas visitor Рforgot to tell them to skip the chillies!


Happy Birthday to grandniece¬†Isabella, Lee&Adeline’s sweet daughter and only child who just started Primary/Grade 1. Both she and grandnephew Lucas just started school 2 weeks ago and really it seems like yesterday that they were born!

As nephew Clem so blatantly puts it, ‘but you are old auntie Amy‘ – so this is how the younger generation views us, ouch! But then I am afterall 2 decades older than him, thus he has a point that I am old. To my 80-100yrs old aunts and uncles, I am probably young to them. So¬†all is relative by¬†relatives…hahaha!


To all in Northern Norway, this beautiful pix is posted by Ranveig and looks like the sun is slowly but surely showing an appearance after a dark long hibernation!

Condolences to cousin John WONG for the passing of his wife, and to nephews Jay & Raymond WONG for the loss of their mother. May she now RIP.

I have to be alone very often. I’d be quite happy if I spent from Saturday night until Monday morning alone in my apartment. That’s how I refuel – Audrey Hepburn

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