12 Jan 2015 – Linn’s Running


Proud of my first-born and mother of 5, Linn who made this 2014 SC/USA list for 5k/19.59, 10k/42.23 and Half Marathon/132.19 races. Some of my favourite pix of her in action from the 1990s – 2014. Appreciations to Coach Hammontree for his coaching and way to go for Linn’s  discipline and dedication.





SC/USA area 82,931km² pop 5mil. SIN area 718-km² pop 5+mil. Noway’s area 385,178km² pop 5mil. Just to put some perspective regarding the areas and pop of SC/USA, SIN and Norway. Perhaps then can some understand why I need to go on long hikes after being in SIN for a few months 🙂

Here are what to expect from SIN for the coming years…


The National Gallery due to open before 2015 is over – will be the largest visual arts venue in SE Asia. These buildings were SIN formal Supreme Ct and City Hall.


Jewel Changi Airport under construction – a palace of glass with waterfall blend with retails, entertainment and leisure outlets.


Fantasy Island on the drawing board – off the coast and will be the largest eco theme park when completed. 3 SIN pix credits to CNN.


And this one of Mexico City’s future international airport reminds me of my rock from Ireland!!!


IMG_6868Sat: an afternoon at Marmot/Novena catching up with Chris & Benny and later at CC/Waterloo meeting up with Joshua who will be heading to Oslo and Tromsø. Lucky fellow! Looking forward to hearing about his first experience with winter and seeing his pix when he returns. Joshua works for Canon and he is the only person I know of in SIN who shares my Bday. Angie/USA is the other.

Never knew that SIN Post had a special wine label just for them – learn something new everyday!


Sun: yeah, the congee stall XinXian Pork porridge****at Marine Terrace Market is back in business with the formal owners’ cooking. Welcome back and delighted to have a decent congee place within 5mins walking distance.


Tkx to Clem&family for dinner at PorKee Eating House***at Tiong Bahru. 4th aunt&family used to frequent this place. Then it closed down for a while and now reopened, but unfortunately they have taken away the coffee ribs which was my favourite. Instead it is now champagne ribs! Miss the coffee ones. This is the venue chosen for Clem&famly’s CNY reunion dinner!


Passport renewed! With a little bit of luck and shoes fitting, valid for travels till 2020. A wonderful week to all. This image is with thoughts to Linn! Way to go my first born.

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