20 Dec 2014 – Banyan Tree at KohSamui


Wed: all afternoon at Mt E for tests etc to ensure the body  is able to take a short flight tomorrow. Slowly but surely I can walk even when it is at the speed of a snail. Tkx to Clem for early Christmas dinner at Buko Nero****good food and a glass of wine before going on anti-bio because of the  ‘Helicobacter pylori’ attack causing the serve bleeding ulcer.


Thu: more blood test in the morning, packed and headed to the airport to discover that passport for sis has expired. At this rate life goes, might end up with a heart attack! Jo, had to go home while Lawrence and I checked into BKKAir, first for me! Hopefully things will work out for the best tomorrow and that she can have an extension for her passport and also there is space on the plane.


Glad and relief to discover that the passage sitting next to me is a young handsome cardiologist. 1.30hrs flight flew by with dinner served. Going thru’ immigration at KohSamui/Thailand airport felt nearly as long as the flight – perhaps it would have gone faster if I had Leon to chat with 🙂


Fri: a private jacuzzi and pool to every villa makes life quite comfortable. Indeed a relaxing and beautiful place to be with perfect temperatures with sounds of the waves from the S China Sea to calm body & soul. Appreciations to Les&Ivy.


Lovely breakfast with the family and good to catch up with Kat & family who is back for the holidays from NYC.


Must admit that the Thai are really good at their SPA and massage. Had one this afternoon and it really felt good.


Yummy rock lobster dinner at The Cliff****

Yeah, Jo arrived safely. All’s well that ends well…

Love all, trust a few,
Do wrong to none: be able for thine enemy
Rather in power than use; and keep thy friend
Under thy own life’s key: be check’d for silence,
But never tax’d for speech – Shakespeare

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