HinTa & HinYai

21 Dec 2014 – Grandfather & Grandmother Rocks


Sat: half hour drive south of the resort to South Lamai are HinTa and HinYai/Grandfather Grandmother Rock resembling the male and female genitals sculpted naturally by the sea. Quite an ironic name for such rocks considering the virility of grandparents 🙂


Whilst providing some giggles for many visitors, these formations are believed by the locals for their strength and virility-giving powers. The colour of another rock formation out towards the S China Sea is quite beautiful and the black surfaces are so smoothly polished.


Browsing thru’ the souvenir stalls and enjoying the Italian sorbet after seeing the rocks. Bought these adorable outfits for the 2 youngest grandchildren.


Continued sight-seeing towards  the centre of town in the resort’s 10seater chauffeured-driven van. Reminds me of SIN in the 1950s. To my surprised was dropped off at The Central Festival, a Snoppy dominated mall which is rather big for this island with an area of 228.7 km² and a pop of 63,000+ but an annual pop of 1.5mil, more than double the pop, quite amazing!


Koh=island and Samui=coconut, thus Coconut Island with history gong back to the 15C where fishermen from Malaya and Southern China first settled here.

Was informed that it would have taken 3+hrs to drive around the island but for this time round, here to relax in the resort and to use the SPA. Also neither the energy level nor mood are up to it. Who knows if and when a revisit will ever happen and if it does, might wish to see more!


2 above pix credits to Agoda Travels


A tastefully presented dinner at the resort’s Saffron****where it is the first experience that my hands were washed in such beautiful and fragrant flower petals water before a meal. Reservations with the name-sign painted on a leaf caught my attention – a memorable place. Pix not sharp but better than none!

Seems like the ‘Jumping Frogs’ are well received by 3 generations here! IMG_6653family-that-plays-wall-art-sticker-18-01[1]

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