How Can Christmas Be So Soon?

Four-Lit-Purple-Advent-Candles[1]23 Dec 2014 – ‘Bitte Juleaften’

Sun: the last and 4th Sunday of Advent with Hope, Peace, Love & Joy all lit.

HOPE that all your Christmas shopping is done 🙂

PEACE be with us all and on Earth

LOVE sincerely

Give JOY for the Holiday Season


An easy day at the beach admiring grandniece’s sandcastle. Does not feel too much like Christmas, but then is there any child who does not like sand castles??  I know for sure that all 6 of the grandchildren do 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 Kiera did a great job with hers!


Yummy beef salad for lunch at Sands****on the beach. Interesting taste when it is combined with some Thai Fish Sauce, delicious and appetising. The view is nice.



BBQ for dinner where enough food for an army was sent to the Presidential Villa. Thanks to Les & Kat who did the cooking – chicken, lamb-chops, prawns, salmon, squids, steak were top quality. When Devon saw all the food and the table laid, her sweet tiny voice said We’re going to have a party’! When there is a 2yrs old in the dinner party, being next to the bedroom is the way to go.


Mon: a good morning massage and a pedicure before checking out. Uneventful flight and landed on time safely.


Tue: checked up at Mt E and medications to revise if necessary. Looks like a drug addict with all these mediation I am swallowing and wondering how my stomach is going to handle them. In addition both hands got infected and swollen from all the intravenous drips. Let’s hope all these anti-bio in me will kill the infections. Gifts are still not fully wrapped, and online greetings not done. Do not know when I felt sooo unprepared for the holidays…


Massage is the only form of physical pleasure to which nature forgot to attach consequences – Robert Brault

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