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27 Jul 2014 – Unique Idea From Another Cousin in HI/USA

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Thu: a nutty surprise arrived knocking on my door as there was no unit# on the addressed coconut. The postal service here in SIN was probably intrigued by this nut to do a search to find me! So it is true about our nutty cousin Gary LAM in HI/USA. Appreciations from one nutty cousin to another cousin who shares my name – Amy LamCA/USA. This sure got my attention and now I would really like to meet Gary who is located in Molokai, HI/USA. Thanks to Amy for the nut and the pix of the nuts with our cousin Gary.

Link below updated 26Feb 2019:

With lots of nuts in mind, house repairs have to be done but still have to buy the Jotul epoxy paint. A mask proved to be useful with the scraping and sanding.  Feeling my age with this kind of work but glad that some minor repairs can be achieved. Gone are the days when the painting of the whole house did not seem such a chore then!


MH370 has still to be located and now another MH accident with no surviving passengers…

The 7th or Hungry Ghost Month does not start until this Sun and what is happening??? 3 plane crashes within 3days. Deeply saddened by the news – condolences to all families and friends who have loved ones in theses tragic situations. RIP to those on these flights.


Fri: lunched with Pat at Tangs Basement and she is recovering well from her recent major surgery. Bian Tan gave a good and educational talk on his trip to Raja Ampat & Arfak Mts/West Papua SBG at the Botany Centre which is one of my favourite gardens here in SIN.


Congratulations to Albert nephew-in-law, another family member featured on Channel News Asia after bro Leslie. As asked by one FB friend to another – what is a 2nd Perm Sec and the answer – a very very senior civil service appointment! Visits with him from Jul 1996 in Taipei/Taiwan, Dec 2009 Canberra/Australia and Dec 2012 NYC, NY/USA. He married niece Patricia in Dec 1998.

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Sat: Urban Farm & Barn T-Party at Bukit Panjang Hill with Bev, Ting&CH, KiWi&Aya.

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An interesting concept to planting your own organic herbs and veggie. Rent a rack for S$50 per month, buy your soil and seeds and plant them here. Your produce will be ready to be harvested in 6-7days later. For more info check out –

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Lucas’s Bday party at their new home with one of the most delicious chocolate cakes tasted. Pix not too sharp but difficult to focus with so many children running around or maybe just tired after a whole afternoon outdoors at the farm…


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