Having Faith

23 Jul 2014 – Crossing this Life’s Journey…

IMG_3951Mon: had to run errands at IKEA and at the same time had dinner with Henry there. They now serve crayfish and not bad for S$5 with 5 of them in a serving. Saw this young lady eating them and when asked, she replied that they are OK. The teeth are not what I should be using to crack the claws with, so made a mess on the table using the handle of the knife to do the job. Good dill favoured.

The chicken wings there are a must!


One thing about IKEA is that even though you have no intentions to buy anything, you usually leave with something or other! Have been eyeing this tray for a while but did not think S$40 was worth it. Today there it was at the As-Is article for S$20. With 2 bunches of dried twigs, 5 silk flowers (thx to Clem for the magnetic vases) and other small purchases standing in line to pay! Was approached by the same young lady (crayfish) to ask if I had a car.

946329_10151654061468020_299341908_nShe asked if I could validate a parking voucher for her as she was driving. Did that and she offered to drive me to the bus stop. Parking is NOT cheap at IKEA if you are just there to hang out! S$12 she saved and when she realised that she insisted driving me home. Thus that is how Faith came into my path.

Thank you Faith for the ride and chat.  She does has a slight resemblance to the actress Joan Chen!


Tue: doing some minor repairs like scraping off flaky paint from kitchen ceiling, bathroom floor and filling the gaps in the living room floor with wood filling. Made a smoked trout salad serving on the new tray. Walked to the MP market to buy a durian to reward myself 🙂

7jerseyboys00_450_190x272_3cc7e51f39Wed: am usually no fan of musicals but after the Broadway version of Jersey Boys, decided to watch the movie. From director Clint Eastwood comes the big-screen version of the Tony Award-winning musical Jersey Boys***

The film tells the story of four young men from the wrong side of the tracks in NJ who came together to form the iconic 1960s rock group The Four Seasons and the music does bring back youthful memories 🙂 🙂


Happy 3rd Birthday to my #5 grandchild, James. One of my favourite pix of him.


Happy 6th Bday grandnephew Lucas. Appreciations to his parents for a delicious dinner at Imperial Treasure at Great World City****

To Faith, here is a quote for her!


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