Ode to Durians

10 Jul 2014 – And Similar Food

Durian durian, how can you be so sweet and smell like feet 🙂


The durian is the fruit of several tree species belonging to the genus Durio. There are 30 recognised Durio species, at least nine of which produce edible fruit. Durio zibethinus is the only species available in the international market: other species are sold in their local regions.

photoMay tells me that you can now buy durians in Oslo/Norway and the Norwegians are wondering what the strange/bad smell is. Never thought durians would ever make it to Norway but of course with the growing SE Asian population, it is only inevitable that the King of Fruits finally made its way there.

Regarded by many people in SE Asia as the King of Fruits, the durian is distinctive for its large size, strong odour, and formidable thorn-covered husk is an acquired taste, not for the faint ♥

imagesCAP018BYDIGITAL CAMERA640px-Durianpack01

320px-Singapore_MRT_FinesJan/USA asked what it taste like, JohnK/Ireland and I gave the same answer – there is nothing that is similar to the durian. Quoting from other sources… ‘thick, full creamy and mild sweet tasting and the unusual flavour and odour have prompted people to express diverse and passionate views ranging from deep appreciation to intense disgust’

Below link added – 13Aug 2017:


Some public places and transport in SIN do not allow durians on their locations!

Audrey/SIN: LOL!!! I’ve been told it smells like feet!

Nancy/USA: Are you kidding me?? The Norwegians are complaining about the odor from durians? They make the king of stinky foods — what about lutefisk?

imagesCA5RJ5S9SISTEM~1The Norwegians have their and lutefisk and rakfisk, which probably have the same effect to non-Norwegians as durians have to some Norwegians! I like rakfisk but have not acquired the taste for lutefisk even after living there for over 10+yrs 🙂 🙂

First experience and introduction to rakfisk was in 1968; unable to fit in with the Kings of Fruits, but same match will have to be another posting 🙂 🙂 🙂

All pix are downloaded from various sites and thanks May for her pix which inspired this posting!


Thu: thank you for grandnephew KeeYang for meeting up with Christian in Chinatown where this drone/UFO can cost $$$$. The new food court street there is so-so but was not hungry and tired a couple of the local dishes!

If you cut a thing up, of course it will smell. Hence, nothing raises such an infernal stink at last, as human psychology – DHLawrence

Edited-Mon28Jun2021: Good Monday morning and a good week to all. King of the Fruits season is in. It is said that the fruit has aphrodisiac properties! but that is not the reason for me liking this fruit, hahaha. Tkx to Irene Hoe for the 4 Philosophies From A Durian and downloaded All You Need to Know About Durian. 


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