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9 Jul 2014 – After House Guest…

7cansongsavelife00_450_190x272_2fb9fd9becMon: had to get out after resting and cleaning. Movie: Begin Again***Gretta and her boyfriend that is passionate in making music. Things go wrong when Gretta’s boyfriend gets a deal from huge recording label and make his debut solo, dumping Gretta for all the fame and fortune in NYC. Just when she thought her life is ruined, a record producer appears out of nowhere, and gets captured by her singing talent. They decide to help each other out…

Some commercial was screening as I walked into the dark and a loud voice said ‘Amy, where are you?’ Quiet a shock to the already weak ♥

Tue: when one has a tiny place and not much space for hanging sheets etc, bigger loans of laundry have to be done over a few days. Yeah, all put away and now to something more exciting –  like planning to see 2 bridges which are in my bucket list 🙂



South of France (Millau Viaduct Tarn Valley) and Switzerland (Trift Bridge near Gadmen). Since Keith&Marianne have homes in these areas, wrote to ask if they would join me! Am told that they are afraid of heights but told them that they can just look straight ahead when driving in France and to wait for me at the bottom while I walk across the one in Switzerland 🙂 🙂

IMG_3804 IMG_3805IMG_3737

Wed: not a soccer fan but this World Cup madness with Germany slaughtering Brazil 7-1 is posted just about everywhere, including this posting! Even the MP CC has balloons, voting boxes and believe it not – dropped my name into the Germany box last week . May the best team win, but will certainly not lose any sleep to watch 🙂 🙂 🙂


Lunched at Namnam**Plaza SIN. Welcome home Audrey; welcome Jinyoung whose gracious hospitality from Apr 2013 visit in Busan/S Korea and the surrounding areas is still fresh in the memory. Great to catch up and safe journeys to Jinyoung back to Korea. Good Luck to Audrey’s next posting in Beijing/China.


Thank you Audrey for this most beautiful and elegant piece of Bach’s Minuet in G. Appreciations for her thoughtfulness and for remembering Mozart with sweet memories of Busan’s cherry blossoms

We build too many walls and not enough bridges – Isaac Newton

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