Snow in Cairo!!

15 Dec 2013 – What in the world is going on…


Sat: shootings in Queen Subway Station Toronto/Canada and another one is CO/USA

A weekend on catching up with rest and sleep and enough of these kind of sad news, to some tasteful uplifting memories!

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Sun: thank you May for sending this pix of Olai with his first peperkaker/gingerbread baking at his great-grandmother’s. Good memories of Norwegian Christmas preparations to remember.


The only pix of pepperkaker baking in Norway found was from 1978 where Linn and her aunt Cathrine were busy with a rolling-pin which is probably the same one Olai just used 🙂

The usual 8 traditional Norwegian I used to bake and every family will have their own favourites…

berliner1. Berliner kranser: eggs, flour, sugar and butter. Oven for baking

blog-fattigman2. Fattigman/poorman (check the ingredients and you will be poor after shopping for eggs and brandy!) : my favourite Norwegian Christmas cookie, egg yolks, cream, icing sugar and brandy fried in oil.

goro3. Goro: eggs, sugar cream, butter, flour and brandy. Need a goro iron for this.

krumkake_wide-426d7185ac2ab21c6e6cf99149f781323e061198-s6-c304. Krumkaker: cream, sugar and flour. Again another iron and this one can be shaped 2 ways, one like our CNY love letters and the other in a cone-shape so one can fill it with cream or jams etc

pepperkake5. Pepperkaker: gingerbread with various receipts, a must but not my favourite where taste is concerned. Good for all kinds of shapes to decorate with, especially for the gingerbread house.

rosett6. Rosettbakkels: eggs, sugar, flour and water. Fried in oil and need an iron

sandkaker7. Sandkaker: butter, sugar, egg yolks, flour and chopped almonds. Good plain or with various fillings.

KransekakeMain28. Kransekaker: coarse ground almonds, icing sugar and egg whites; an all time occasion and favourite cake/cookies.  One can decorate it to what the occasion calls for. Still have the rings if anyone in SIN wants to attempt baking it.

Christmas is not only getting too commercial, it’s getting too dangerous. – Linus in The Peanuts

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