Friends from 1950s & 60s

The end of Nov 2013


Fri: Happy Birthday to eldest grandson John W, the only one of my grandchildren born in SIN 7yrs ago! Pix with L&M of his first wedding party! when niece PatLynn got married to David.


This Salvatore Ferragamo at Paragon Shopping Centre is ready for the Black Friday Deals! I for one will not stand in line waiting to get into any shop!! Would rather do without.

IMG_0565Lisa comment on FB, ‘Jus passing bystander right aunty Amy Lam? Or it’s ur YOLO moment? Lol’. My answer, just a passer-by and was amazed that people would stand in line to get into the shop! My first thought was that I do not even own anything from this brand until I remembered this, and NO I did not buy it, tkx to Linn 🙂


The halls in Paragon are all ready and decked this year which seem to be leaning on the angelic theme. Am a fan of tiny angels and have a host with the biggest no bigger than 2”/5cm in height. Will get my Christmas village out sometime soon, but first the advent calendar 🙂 🙂


Thank you Hong Sze for lunch at the Tanglin Club. Nice to be updated with our latest happenings and joining the dots! Have known HS for 6 decades. Our parents were good friends and glad that we have managed to continue with our friendship, following the tradition of our parents. Both HS & KK were my first male play-mates who are not in the family. Quite amazing to think that my parents allowed me to slumber at their homes when we were kids 🙂 🙂 🙂


Sat: Peggy hosted a popiah party for 1962 class-mates from CHIJ. Dessert of local cakes and fruits by me! Sitting from left: Lynne who lives in Oxford/UK,  Rebecca, Sylvia, Juliana, Evelyn; standing from left: Janet (Peggy’s sister) me, Peggy, Penny, Shirley, Lydia and Pat. Except for Juliana and Janet, have known the others since 1962. Appreciations to Peggy for a heart-warming cheerful afternoon on this grey rainy day.

Remember; not every rainy day holds within it the promise of any rainbow –

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