Tyrwhitt Road

24 Nov 2013 – Chinatown, Suntec City & Beach Road

Thu: finally the painting work completely but could not shut the main door overnight and if I did, the paint could be ruined. Thank goodness the outer gate is in place and can be locked with a pad-lock.

Fri: today Linn & family move into their new house and feeling a bit down that I am unable to help even though she has ensured me that they have plenty of help. All the best and good luck to them towards another new start.


Great to catch up with niece Daisy C for updates of her branch of the family. To Henry, tkx for helping to eat frog-legs congee with raw fish salad dinner at Tiong Shian Porridge Centre 長城粥品****/New Bridge Rd and for helping out with a job. Had a good night sleep until the storm started when the lightning and thunder nearly struck me out of the bed !


Sat: tkx to nephew Clement and Audrey for a BBQ pork, roast duck & pork lunch at Alex’s Eating House***/Beach Rd with dessert at Ji De Chi**/Liang Seah St. Decided to try the YinYang, almond and black sesame paste to discover that am no fan for that mixture! Glad that they were separated as in pix and could carefully eat first the one and then the other. Like almond paste on its own and same with black sesame but some of these fusions do not agree with the taste-bud 🙂

The Black Sesame Cold Cake and Osmanthus Flower Cake were so-so


A stroll to Suntec City to see the revamped version, and quite a change, especially the convention section where I used to help set up various conventions and shows. Another Christmas tree up and Thanksgiving is not even here yet!

Audrey drove us around Lavender MRT area. Usually when in this area, it is for a wake as that is where SIN Casket is located. Tyrwhitt Road has some trendy places where the younger generation gathers.



Chye Seng Huat Hardware, a fashionable coffee joint which is rather unexpected when one passes by the front door! They make their own brew but anyone who knows me also know that coffee is no no for me after 12n. As my bro said, she is hyper as she is, can’t image what she will be like with coffee 🙂 🙂


Further up the road are: the tiramisu hero, menu looks quite good but the eyes are wider than the stomach where there is not even space for another drop of water! Konzepp, with funky stuff, Chinese Druggist Association and with such a name seems an exciting place but was closed 🙂 🙂 🙂

Appreciations to Audrey for introducing these new locations. Enjoy exploring new places and such an eye-opener. Am blessed that these young people include me for their afternoon out.

He who can no longer pause to wonder and stand rapt in awe, is as good as dead; his eyes are closed – Albert Einstein

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