Neighbourhood Drama

12 Sep 2013 – Triggers off Traumatic Memories!


Mon afternoon, nearly all of Irmo’s firefighters, police, emergency vehicles were here to confirm my statement that there is never a dull moment here! It turned out that a stove fire across the street broke out and nobody was at home. The firemen broke in and put it out. Thank goodness no one was hurt.


While watching the action, got a chance to chat with the next door neighbour who told us about when lightning struck one of the houses and burnt it down, and some robbery that happened before Linn & family moved into this neighbourhood. Sometime early this year, Linn witness at least 5 police cars across the street due to some domestic dispute! According to the next door neighbour, this neighbour (where the domestic dispute occurred) is on something or other as she was seen threatening the cable workers with a shotgun at another incident…

Quite some unusual drama in this quiet residential area.


A vivid memory came to mind, robbery at the Bank of America/Bellflower Blvd when we moved to Long Beach/CA in 1985/86. Linn was in 5th Grade and May in 1st at Bixby Elementary. The bank’s front entrance was on the main road but there was back entrance where a car park was located. The building was free-standing with a lane on either side. Left May & Linn sitting in the car knowing that it was going to be just a quick cheque deposit.

Deposit slips were near the front entrance and thus was standing nearer there. Suddenly the word FREEZE nearer the back entrance echoed. First thought, what if May decides to get out of the car to look for me??? Slowly and discreetly, started to head out of the front entrance like nothing happened, but do remember that the heart was pounding hard and heavy. When I got as far as the door, pushed it open slowly and ran for life to the back. Such a relief to see both Linn & May in the car.


The robbers were actually parked next to our car. Linn saw the guys with stockings on their face said, ‘hey May, look robbers’!  When one is age 11 and 7, incidents like these are easily forgotten! The police questioned Linn who could only tell them that the robbers had stockings on their faces.  Our neighbours from Clark Avenue who were standing in line at the cashier near the back entrance to make a deposit (cash in-take from their chocolate store on the Queen Mary), got their money stolen.

There are certain days and incidents that are so stuck in the memory and 9/11 is another one of them…


Here is an interesting article about regarding memory, appreciations to  Martin Williams/HKG for sharing.

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