Let the Games Begin

1 Sep 2013 – Football Season

Has it really been a year ago since travels to France, Belgium, Norway, Canada and USA all took place within one month, mid Aug-mid Sep 2012?

Aug 2013 with 23 postings and the only time more than 23 postings was May 2011, with 24 postings. Then it was in just Norway when the house was getting ready to sell!


Wed: Sophie’s 1st day at her class of 4yrs group and have been told not just by family that ‘she is splitting image of grandma Amy’! When the hair turns all white, maybe can colour that blond and then there might be some resemblances 🙂 Thank goodness it is just the image. Sophie is a well-behave child, unlike her grandma 🙂 🙂


Fri: with the other 3 in school and Sophie with in her 4yrs group class., took James to McD in the morning, best time to be there when all the kids are in school and the playground just to us. He was wagging like a dog having the full attention from his mom and grandma, not easy to be the youngest in a family of 5, and he is only 2yrs young! Hahaha talking thru’ experience being the youngest in a family of 7!!!!!!!



Sat: college football and this year a change of location from Carolina Wing & Rib House which closed down. Superman with JellyBelly machines have taken over at Flight Deck in Lexington; a good place for the family where kids can enjoy the games in the arcade while the parents can watch the game. Service was a wee bit slow due to the crowd, to be expected but it was service with a smile. Jeff had to leave early as James had no patience for any games 🙂 🙂 🙂

Shared the table with a nice couple, who also like the outdoor life. Gerine & Bob, hope that you will try to be in SIN someday, if not for work, maybe for a visit!


Today the Gators played Toledo and the final score: 24-6. Go Gators…

Sep specail Bdays:

4 Sep – Happy Bdays May HALD & Vincent LAM

5 Sep – Happy 2nd Bday Olai HALD-HERMANSEN

11 Sep – Happy Bdays Steven LAM & May YUNG-LAM

15 Sep – Happy Bday ENG Ting Ting

16 Sep – HappyBdays Ivy YAP-LAM & Edith LAM

20 Sep – Happy Bday Amy RASHAP

21 Sep – Happy Bday Greg TRIBBE

23 Sep – Happy Bdays Joyce LAM-AMEEN & Klaus LAM

24 Sep – Happy Bday LAM Kah Yun

25 Sep – HappyBday Kat LAM-TRIBBE

30 Sep Happy Bday Mabel ONG-LAM Daisy LAM

If a man watches three football games in a row, he should be declared legally dead – Erma Bombeck