Milton Keynes – Manchester

26 Jul 2013 – To St Bees

Thu: Train from Milton Keynes – Manchester 1.5hrs – St Bees (change in Carlisle, with 10mins delay and made the St Bees just in time!) 3hrs, GBP36 S$68.


Thank you KV & Christine for putting me up and for all their kind hospitality.  Drive from GodmanchesterMiltonK Station 1hr. MiltonK is a new station and the only station I have seen where one has their bicycle undercover. According to the police, it looks tidy and we were thinking more on the security side 🙂



ManchesterP Station is a brand new station and like many modern designs, they lack something!  Had some time to spare and took a short walk around the area which has more character. The fire station and the church across the road are more impressive for these ageing eyes 🙂 🙂



St Bees is a total contrast from the other 2 mentioned stations, charming and welcoming village.  A walk to the starting point for the hike was quite delightful after a whole day on trains and stations.


Fri: how lovely to meet up with cousin YEO YatSoon (9th auntie’s only child and son) & family who are starting their summer holiday in this area. The last time we meet was in 2000 and now he&Helen are proud parents of 2 lovely girls. Spent the afternoon catching up and getting to know Merle&Mei-mei who was having an ear infection. Poor baby and she was in such good spirits. Appreciate them for taking time to meet and tkx to YatSoon for bringing a box of old B/W pix from his mother’s times from SIN for us to look thru’.

If you would be known, and not know, vegetate in a village; if you would know, and not be known, live in a city – Charles Caleb Colton

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