11 Jul 2013 – Norway’s oldest town/871


Have known Stein since our Dublin days when he was an upstairs neighbour and friend who drove me to the hospital for an emergency incident a week before Linn was born! Have not seen him since the early 1980s and great to catch up and meet two of his children, Øystein and Ida. Thank you for putting me up in spite of his busy time trying to get his boat out on the water.


Tue: the train journey south to Tønsberg where Stein lives is pretty, passing thru’ gradual rolling hills and agriculture lands; dep 0941hrs Nationaltheatret stopping in Skøyen, Lysakker, Sandvika, Asker, Drammer, Sande, Holmenstrand, Skoppum and arr 1058hrs into Tønsberg NOK400 S$84 roundtrip.



Went to the beach with Ida and a nice drive around Vallø area and Furustrand camping grounds by the coast. Delicious steak dinner and a lovely outdoor fire to catch up with 30yrs of our life gossips and stories 🙂



Tønsberg is a municipality in Vestfold county, 1 and a half hours by train south of OSL a charming coastal town and regarded as the oldest town in Norway. 107 km2 41 sq mi, pop app 42,000 and is the site of Oseberghaugen, a Viking era burial mound.




Wed: Slottsfjellsmuseet=castle mountain museum and the tower are certainly worth to see NOK40 S$8 (senior). One can read about the ice-age and the vikings thru the times. The tower and the ruins are located on top of a hill, the best site and views of Tønsberg. 


The Osebertg ship was found in the Oseberg burial mound in 1904. This Viking era longship is now in the Viking Ship Museum in OSL. Archaeological excavations in 1904 uncovered history’s largest and richest example of craftsmanship from the Viking Age. In addition to the Oseberg ship, Oseberghaugen contained the Oseberg carriage, five beautifully carved bed-posts shaped like animal heads, four sledges, beds, chests, weaving-frames, household utensils and much more. Scientific examinations in 1992 now date the burial to 834 AD.

Bitter is the wind tonight,  It tosses the ocean’s white hair,  I do not fear the fierce warriors of Norway crossing in the Irishsea tonight – found in a monk’s manuscript