Astrup Fearnley Museum

8 Jul 2013 – An Expensive Location


Above 2 pix are taken of pix from the brochure. Did not have time to go inside this interesting privately owned museum of contemporary and modern art. According to the designer Renzo Piano, ‘Art makes people better people, and a place for art makes the city a better place to be.’  The museum is a new NOK600+mil S$125mil home for the private art collection of a shipping company which he describes as ‘an open forum, where art meets life’.

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Will look forward till the grass is secured enough to be stepped on before another visit. In the meanwhile watching the boat sailing away from these desirable location is a good alternative 🙂

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Took a stroll around the area and it sure looks expensive considering the location, central with the sea view. Could not find a name or title of the head! A motorcycle on a reindeer!! According to the statue of Jens Selvaag, ‘Hvis alt annet slår feil prøv med sunn fornuft = if everything fails, try healthy common sense’;  a hotel name The Thief…



Thank you Ingrid for taking time to say our farewells until 2014. Safe trip to her and HansK on their Mediterranean cruise. Somehow the roses here seem to be in such perfect shape, wonder where they are imported from? Even the climbing rose in the backyard is amazing like last year, and nobody seems to be taking care of it.

2013-07-03 19.18.252013-07-03 19.17.33

One of the best street music is this guy playing on bottles. He played with such dynamics that got me to stop and listen. Believe me, it takes a lot before I will stop to listen and leave cash in the box! It was just a simple tune but played clearly with such emotions accompanied by the rhythm of a discreet potable electrical beatbox.

The wise musicians are those who play what they can master – Duke Elington

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