Norwegian Wood & Moss

16 Jun 2013 – Happy Father’s Day to all fathers

Thu: May took a day off this wet rainy day so that we could do some errands. DimSum lunch at Beijing Palace*** which was quite good, to be in OSL, but of course expensive NOK650 S$143 for 2 person but had to doggy-bag a plate of noodles! At least one can find decent dim sum here. Picking up Olai was the high point 🙂


Fri: sunny and breezy day walking with May & Olai to Frognerparken & Frognerbadet where Norwegian Wood, an annual music festival is happening over the weekend. Did not pay to go into the crowd and noise which was loud enough just walking in the park. The sound was actually better from the soccer field by Frognerbadet. Olai enjoyed chasing the sea-gulls and was quite speechless at the sight of the police on horseback and a polar bear campaigning to protect the Arctic regions where the signature was added with hopes of slowing down global abuse!

Sat: in fond memories of my father LAM TinYue, who would have been 102yrs and L&M’s paternal grandfather, John K HALD III who would have been 90yrs.



App 65km, driving thru’ 9 tunnels and 1hr drive south of OSL where Moss is located. Olai’s 1st boat ride and to his paternal grandparents’ island. Was fortunate to be there a year ago on Ospeholmen, an idyllic island and glad that Olai will have the opportunity to spend time there now that he is older and enjoys the water. Appreciations to John (his camera in the pix!), Bjørn’s father for having us over to their cabin, and the luxury of being the only cabin on this island! Evidence that Gjedde/Pike are found in these waters… 🙂 🙂

Imagine Being Here Now!

I once had a girl Or should I say she once had me She showed me her room Isn’t it good Norwegian wood?
She asked me to stay And she told me to sit anywhere So I looked around And I noticed there wasn’t a chair
I sat on the rug biding my time Drinking her wine We talked until two and then she said ‘It’s time for bed’
She told me she worked In the morning and started to laugh I told her I didn’t And crawled off to sleep in the bath
And when I awoke I was alone This bird had flown So I lit a fire Isn’t it good Norwegian wood? – Beatles

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