Katy, 1st Grandchild

22 Jan 2013 – 11 Years Ago Today…

Happy Happy 11th Birthday dear Katy, hugs and XXXs to her across the oceans.


In OK City when my 1st born made me a happy and proud grandmother with her 1st born Katy. Today Linn tells me that her internet is down and looking forward for her FB pix postings. Some pix posting here until she gets online again.


Visited OK City then and Gator was only a puppy. 2002, when the year of the Horse fell on 12 Feb, so Katy is born actually in the year of the Snake 22 Jan 2002. The year of the Snake was then 24 Jan 2001 – 12 Feb 2002. People born in the month of Jan do get into this confusion. Same with my birth date, 15 Jan 1950, the year of the Ox was then 27 Jan 1949 – 17 Feb 1950, so am considered to be under the year of the Ox and not Tiger.

Anyway not that it matters but just to know when the older generation ask which animal are we under! The Chinese calendar goes by the lunar calendar!

Astrology, fengshui, horoscopes, prophecies, Tarot cards etc are for entertainment, so do NOT make them into self-fulfilling prophecy or be obsessed by them. Somehow the posting below has been the most read posting and not sure why???





Realised that today is also the Bdays of Siv Lotherington and Natalie Norton/Norway, Mike Jensen/Belgium, Kimberly Fleek/USA. Happy Bdays to all.

A self-fulfilling prophecy is an assumption or prediction  that, purely as a result of having been made, cause the expected or predicted  event to occur and thus confirms its own ‘accuracy’ – Paul Watzlawick

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