The Secret Lifes of Birds!

21 Jan 2013 – Oops and Huffda


Fri: thanks to Les for inviting me to Secret Lives of Birds, an interesting talk given by Dr YC Wee at the SIN Polytechnic Graduates Guild. Learnt that birds can get drunk and they are not monogamous as thought! Believe it or not but homosexuality also exist among the birds!!

Sat: Lawrence is in SIN from KCH for a short visit. He leaves this afternoon and it was great to have caught up with him the past few days. What a lovely day to be indoors with Bach, Beethoven, Beatles, good reads and snoozes. Rained relentlessly since 0100hrs, nice, cool and wet.

Choosing the not so serious links to share. Disheartening news like Syria or Algeria with the hostage crisis and the severe weather around the globe can stay in the background this weekend even when they are actually the headlines!

How many people would have known that there is a difference between the Canadian and Norwegian maple leaf??? Certainly not me 🙂


All that glitters is not gold;
Often have you heard that told – Shakespeare

Have been often told that people like me are not the true SIN!!! So not being a true SIN and certainly not a Hongky, then happiness or emotions do not apply in this case!! Am just a simple being who enjoys living life to the fullest no matter of place or race 🙂 🙂



Sun: another cool and wet day. Tkx for catching up, Sebastian and good to know that he is thriving in his new job. Lunched at my favourite veggie joint, New Green Pasture Cafe****

Appreciations to  Millie for the invite to Celebrating Bukit Brown by the Singapore Heritage Society and All Things Bukit Brown at The Substation Theatre. As stated in the previous posting below, let’s hope that the magnificent trees there can be saved as they are still living…

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