The Road Less Travelled…

15 Nov 2012 – Away from the Maddening Crowd

Mon: app 1+hr drive 43mi/70km west in light rain and fog from Wilkesboro to Sugar Ski & Country Club near Banner Elk/NC. Arrived past 12n and was happy to get off the road as the weather did not improved. Was concerned as Nancy was driving from Tennessee/app6+hrs. She finally arrived safe & sound after 2100hrs in the pouring rain!

Tue: slept in until nearly 0900hrs and it was 20°F/-6.7°C°. The footprints of Sandy can still be seen as 2 patches of snow! Have not felt this kind of temps for a long while. Clear blue sky and had to pour hot water on the car to get the door open.

Headed to Valle Crucis/Vale of the Cross, to the Mast General Store (1883) and the Annex where 500+ variety of candies can be found. The grandchildren would love it here and so would the parrot from Crab Shack, Tybee Island/GA!

Here at The Rivercross where all the crafts and arts are made in USA is a tasteful gift shop. Could not resist buying one of those trees for Jeff.

Had a simple lunch on ham and greens at the 1861 Farmhouse & Winery****where the brick building is built by hand. The brick for the house was made personally by hand by Henry Taylor at his own brickyard. Rather impressive and the service was excellent.

Website edited 19 Jul 2014 – tkx to Linn for update

A relaxing evening in the Sugar Ski and Country Clubhouse sauna and hot-tub made the day!

Wandering re-establishes the original harmony which once existed between man and the universe – Anatole France

2 thoughts on “The Road Less Travelled…

  1. Looks lovely. Glad you had the chance to get away from the maddening crowd… i.e. us! Haha! Is the ski competition going on this weekend or next?

    • Hahaha, about the maddening crowd! Do not know anything about the ski competition?? Will ask them at the office later. Just back from walking about 4hrs to explore the area. Will email you later.

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