New River/Kanawha

13 Nov 2012 – Celebrating AT’s 75th Anniversary

Had to rest a few days before hitting the road again. Lack of energy is certainly a tell-tale sign that age is catching up but still no reason not to continue enjoying this life’s journey.

Fri: rented a car for L&J, borrowed their van and headed to Wilkesboro/NC, app 3+hrs drive, 192mi/310km NW of CAE. Appreciations to delicious steak dinner made by Franklin & Glenda and a lovely evening at their beautiful home.

Sat: headed out bright and early to Roanoke/VA, app 2+hrs drive, 154mi/248km N of Wilkesboro. Tkx to Franklin for driving and to Glenda for delightful company. Arrived with half-hour to spare allowing us to roam about the historic Grandin village. National geographic Film presented Discover the AT and ATC is using it for membership drive and fund-raising to mark the 75th Anniversary of the AT.

Interesting stories from hikers and outfitter, especially at Neels Gap where it is the first stop with civilization after app nearly 50mi and 3rd day into a thru-hike. Some hiker started carrying 16 rolls of toilet paper!! and Neels Gap is where most hikers discard and mail stuff back home at this location. A daypack which was recently thrown out was mailed from here in 2005 when Loon sold me the vest!


Great to meet up with Karen/Miss Wiggy, Lori/Lizard and Glenda/Hi Hills from 2005 hike. A lovely afternoon with trail stories. Made dinner and stayed over at Karen & Brian in Blacksburg/VA.

Sun: yummy brunch at Palisades****located in this tiny village of Eggleston over looking the New River/Kanawha which dissects the Appalachian Mt is app 300mil yrs, and is actually the 3rd oldest river in the world. Older than the Nile but younger than the Meuse and the Yangtze!

A beautiful 7mi/11km, 4+hrs hike on Craig Creek/AT to end another perfect day. Somehow, did not recognise any parts of the section from the 2005. AT without the leaf is quite a change from the AT in the summer time. Snoozed thru’ out the drive back to Wilkesboro.

A million thanks to Glenda & Franklin and to Karen & Brian for their kind and graceful hospitality. Another perfect weekend passed by quickly.

He who does not travel does not know the value of men – Moorish proverb

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