Greetings y’all

26 Sep 2012 – Columbia/CAE South Carolina/SC

Y’all is derived from the old English ye and all, originally used in colonial America. Now often used to represent you all here in the Southern US States.

Mon: safe & sound here in CAE after 1hr 40mins flight from YYZ to ORD (United Airlines HUB) with 1hr layover, then 1hr 30mins from ORD to CAE, arriving 15mins ahead of schedule NOK1,758 S$377. Tkx Linn for meeting me at the airport and by the time we pull into the garage, it was way pass 22hrs and the 5 sleeping beauties were far far away in dreamland.

Tue: woke up to find just Ellie in the kitchen. Katy and JohnW happily marched down the stairs a few minutes after as they had to be in school. Sophie & James had an easy morning. Gator, the family pet is certainly slower in her aging years! She was with the family before any of the children and nice to see her as gentle to James as she was to the other 4 siblings when they were Jame’s age. 

Feeling the aftermath of the jet-lag with the excitement after Toronto and seeing the grandchildren again. Struggled to stay awake with not much success – zzzz… The first of many more pix of the 5 grandchildren, missing #6 who is in Norway. Wished he could be here too!

Grandchildren are the dots that connect the lines from generation to generation – Lois Wyse

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