To Cross the Atlantic…

15 Sep 2012 – Goodbye Norway

Thu & Fri: don’t we wish we could just fly off without baggage! Packed, got rid of the junk and cleaned up after the 4 months stay. This is usually the most dreaded part of the journey but what a relief it is when done. Now another excuse to buy new stuff which will be light-weight and there will never need to be a check-in baggage again… dream on 🙂

Olai has not been too well the past week, had high temps before our return and now runny nose and coughs. Poor baby, but that too shall pass and oneday he too will be a strong man like his papa. He will be running around and chatting when we next meet but for now enjoying every minute to the fullest and he is as sweet and cute as can be! Sooo difficult to leave… 🙁

Sat: RyanAir from RYG/Moss to LHR/London, NOK613 S$128 to connect on Sun with AirTransat to TorontoYYZ/Canada NOK2,667 S$555.

With news about Anti-American fury over film now even hitting Australia, is not good news, especially to be heading to USA!

Have you ever watched a crab on the shore crawling backward in search of the Atlantic Ocean, and missing? That’s the way the mind of man operates – HL Mencken