Greetings from Toronto/Canada

17 Sep 2012 – With Cousins

Another stretch of the dreaded journey over! A night with a couple of hours sleep in a clean cubical + my own shower and toilet, Yotel at LHR’s ground floor was a new experience but not cheap (1900-0200hrs GBP62 S$123). Would have found a comfortable bench or chair but none were in sight or maybe age is also catching up!

Sun: 0400hrs typical English breakfast. Plane delayed 2+hrs and did not take off until pass 12n. Bought a book, Fifty Shades by EL James with much erotic writing is enough to turn on the snooze button during the 8hrs flight!! Uneventful and decent service flight with lots of snoozes 🙂

Arr YYZ safe and sound and appreciations to cousin Yun for meeting me at the airport. Summer is here and so are the traffic jams due to a closure of some highway. Great to meet up with the cousins, Lock & May, Yun and Chai from 5th uncle LAM Tin Yick’s branch + Minos and friend. And yet another yummy-yum meal by May. These are the cousins who were also in Dublin/Ireland! Baby-sat Minos over 43yrs ago and what a charming handsome young man he is now!

Cousins are different beautiful flowers in the same garden – unknown

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