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26 Aug 2012 – To Mechelen Nekkerspoel/Belgium

Fri: dep Etourvy 0845hrs to catch train from Tonnerre to Bercy (EUR30 app S$47) changing to the Metro at Gare de Lyon, Bastille to Gare du Nord to catch another train to Bruvelles Midi/Belgium (EUR 59 S$93), connecting to a local train (EUR4.30 S$7) to arr in Mechelen Nekkerspoel at 1545hrs.

Not sure if all these cross-roads are good for the heart! Seeing and catching up with family and friends is what life’s journey is about at this stage but it would have been an advantage if one could speak and read the languages of the countries one is visiting. Looking forward is usually the best way to go. Tkx to Angelina for meeting me at the station, to Kurt for making Belgium national dish, yummy mussels with fries to Kiefer for his sweet smiles.

Sat: Antwerp is a city in the municipality and the capital of the Antwerp province of Flanders with a pop of 507,007. The weekend market was fun and the Antwerp wafer is eaten like a lollipop! There is even a Chinatown here where a dim-sum lunch at Fong Mei***(owners from Ipoh/Malaysia) was decent.

Bovis****in Zaventem, is a place for meat lovers! Had a Belgium fillet and it was tender and tasty but the service has much room for improvements! Good to catch up with Amy, Mike and Rachel who is growing up to be such a fine young lady.

A business absolutely devoted to service will have only one worry about profits. They will be embarrassingly large – Henry Ford

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