With 7 Billion Humans

1 Aug 2012 – Is the Earth Overpopulated??

The environment has always been on in the mind and keeping updated with issues like the recent weather changes is important in this life’s journey. Food is not the main problem…while it may be true that we could feed a couple of billion more people, it is also true that people around the world are starving right now – and not from a shortage in global food supply, but because of wars, or crops already hit by climate change, or being too poor to afford food.

Thank you Martin Williams for hosting the 7 May 2009 AT Thru-Hike Talk for the Royal Geographical Society (with IBG) in Hong Kong.

Thanks again to Martin for this well written article. Agreeing with him fully, the weather changes do need to be addressed and taken seriously. We all play a role and are culprits contributing to the pollution on this lovely planet. The question is how to limit our needs, comfort zones, wants, greed, etc????

The wildlife bridge in the Netherlands provides a crossing for wildlife amidst the danger of highways.

This is just one of the ways we do our part to help with the environment but to be realistic are we really aware that we are destroying our planet and ourselves day by day?? For those who have lived a longer life, we must not forget to take consideration for the future generations!

Not the whole of Planet Earth is overpopulated, but many cities and some areas are certainly so. Would you like to be at this beach in China??? Pix credits to various sites.


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The human overpopulation issue is the topic I see as the most vital to solve if our children and grandchildren are to have a good quality of life – Alexandra Paul