Ode to Joy

16 Aug 2012 – Beethoven’s 9th Symphony

Wed: what a treat on one of this most beautiful evenings with the Oslo Filharmonien’s FOC outdoor performance across the road from the City Hall. The four vocal soloists with Donghwan Lee/baritone did excellent jobs with their parts. Was informed that this same piece was played last year with an audience of 10,000.

Last night must have been about the same or maybe even more ppl. We were early there for a picnic dinner and got seats on the benches with back support. Must have been tiring for the feet to be standing for over 1hr!!

Thank you Magnus for introducing Etoile Rooftop Bar, a lovely hide-away far from the maddening crowds. Delightful company and a night-cap with the sunset and night views of Karl Johans gt and the Parliament House ended this dreamy evening. Very best of luck to Magnus and hope that we can cross paths again somewhere in this world after he graduates from Handelshøyskolen BI/ School of Business.

Heading on to France tomorrow…

O friends, no more these sounds!
Let us sing more cheerful songs,
more full of joy!

Joy, bright spark of divinity,
Daughter of Elysium,
Fire-inspired we tread
Thy sanctuary.

Thy magic power re-unites
All that custom has divided,
All men become brothers
Under the sway of thy gentle wings… – Ode to Joy/Friedrich Schiller

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