To Be or Not To Be

5 Jun 2012 – A Student Again…

Today Olai is 9 months and such a delightful baby with cheerful morning smiles to start the day. Within the month since arrival he now crawls over everywhere making the cutest sounds, ie when not crying 🙂

20mins walk to UiO/Blindern campus was tempting me to go back to be a student again, but, ah there is always a but and in this case the but means having to stay put. Until when there are Us where transferable credits are possible, then student life will have to wait till life’s journey crosses a path with less mobility 🙂 🙂

Lovely walk thru’ the campus with much greenery and a mixture of old and new buildings. Colourful tree trunk with paper cranes but no one was around and could not ask what it was all about??

The heart of the social campus life with cafe, grocery, post-office, shops etc..

The doms look inviting enough!

Physics department with an unusual fountain in the courtyard.

This study hall looks like it is on display and quite tastefully designed sticking out of a brick building. Theology department will not be my choice but one never know. Managed to capture the Vestre Aker Church in the background. Pretty wall mural…

Pretty in pink – a Vesper, the best means of transport for student life! To use these bicycles across the road, you will need an electronic subscription card. Such can be purchased for a low price and is valid for one year at a time. OSL has more than 1,200 bicycles and charges NOK 60/S$12 for the annual subscription card. A red trailer (belonging to someone) to hook on to the bicycle when transporting the kid to nursery school.

Neighbourhood library, Majorstuen branch is the second largest public Deichman library in OSL. This is conveniently located on Harald Hårfagres gate 2, less than 5mins walk from the flat. It cost NOR2/S$0.45 for a copy of print-out in the public libraries here,

A university is just a group of buildings gathered around a library – Shelby Foote

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