Oslofjord Surroundings

8 Jun 2012 – A Seafood Festival

Thu: good salad lunch at Baker Hansen*** (Norway’s oldest bakery/1861) with Kay Hannestad. Good to get caught with her life. The last time we met was in Tromsø  over 30yrs ago! K is from Seattle, WA/USA but has live in Norway since she married her Norwegian husband, Christian. Both K&C retired some years ago and they have 2 sons and 3 grandchildren.

Carl, their first son used to play the French Horn during the Tromsø teaching days and accompanied him on the piano a couple of times. Today he teaches Norwegian to foreigners. Must try to catch up with him too. Fredrik, their second son is an actor and famous director in the Nordic skuespillerkollektivet.

Another beautiful day and walk into the center of town to complete more paper works and red tapes. Was told that it would take from 2-3months due to the summer holidays and the strike, but nice to see people out enjoying this lovely weather at Aker Bygge, a trendy and expensive seafront shops, eateries, apartments, etc.

Seafood festival for the weekend looks tempting and yummy but did not want to be in the crowd and in a tent!

Bought some fresh shrimps from the fishing boat, met up with Magnus, a delightful young man who was studying a semester in SIN and we met during an outing at the Forest Adventure. It is refreshing to listen to his hopes, dreams, etc ie an unchartered terrority for him to explore! Had peel and eat shrimps in Akershus festning/fortress and had command of the whole Oslofjord with a Japanese film crew.



Pub crawled back towards town… 🙂 Thanks to Kay & Magnus for taking time to meet.

A tavern is a place where madness is sold by the bottle – Jonathan Swift