Friends from the Early 1950s

2 Jun 2012 – Happy Bday Kenson

The old pix (1954-55)  was taken at the old IslandClub, today SIN Island Country Club/SICC. Being the youngest, seems like all my other 6 sublings had better things to do and not in the pix! Peggy was then the only child but today she is the eldest of 4. Kenson, the youngest of 3. KK&PP go way back to nearly 60yrs ago. Our parents were good friends and now only auntie Kwok is still alive. PP is actually very distantly related, her father being the nephew of 4th uncle who is married to mother’s older sister.

Uncle Leung (sun-glasses), PP’s father was an importer of fresh produces and we were fortunate to get good fresh non-local fruits and veggies in my childhood. Was introduced to fresh asparagus, cherries, oysters and strawberries at a young age when we first learnt to appreciate good food. It was also uncle Leung who introduced the yummy Shanghainese eel, my favourite eel dish.

Uncle Kwok (hidden face), KK’s father was a distinguished and quiet gentleman who reminded me a bit of father (faded out). Both in the banking business and men of few words! Their three wives, ie mother (first left), auntie June (second left)  & auntie Kwok (sun-glasses)  got along well and seemed to be doing most of the talking as far as the memory can stretched 🙂

Today KK, PP & her husband Ian and I do try to meet once a year. So far we have managed in 2009/Australia, 2010/Croatia, and this year, KK&PP will catch up with me in Sep at Lofoten/Northern Norway. Looking forward to that. They are the longest friends I have and hope that the friendship will stay until life’s journey ends…

The best things in life come in threes, like friends, dreams, and memories –

1 Jun – Happy Bday Morten HALD

2 Jun – Happy Bday Kenson KWOK & Richard LEE

4 Jun – Happy Bday Erik KORKOWSKI

6 Jun – Happy Bdays Dika LAM & Harry CHAN

9 Jun – Happy Bday Sophie HALL

14 Jun – Happy Bday Anne WONG-HOLLOWAY

15 Jun – Happy Bdays to my father LAM Tin Yue and my children’s grandfather John HALD Sr (both not with us any longer but the two men I have most respect and admiration for). Happy Bday Amy JENSEN

17 Jun – Happy Father’s Day

25 Jun – Happy Bdays John LAM, Clement LAM & HUANG

28 Jun – Happy Bdays Jeff HALL, John WILSON & Adriane HENSON

30 Jun – Happy Bdays LAM JenMunAnnie KOH-LAM

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