Surprise Phone Call

28 Nov 2011 – Cheese & Wine

Yesterday a pleasant surprise call from cousin Linda who lives in CA/USA with her husband Alfred TAY. Linda’s mom LAM Yuet King is my father’s cousin, ie paternal grandfather LAM Song Kwee and Linda‘s maternal grandfather LAM Jee Chiew were brothers. LYK celebrated her 100th Bday this year, unfortunately could not make it as the births of James and Olai were happening around the same time.

Linda, tkx for calling and touching base. Hope that perhaps our paths will cross in 2012 and can then exchange notes on the family tree!

Pix credit to Alfred of auntie LYK’s 100th Bday with 5 of her children, Linda in pink.

Sun: a relaxing brunch with Bev, Ting & CH. Just too lazy to go anywhere! Appreciations to Ting & CH for bringing cold meat, cheese, garnish, bread and crackers. Tkx to Les, the wines were perfect for the occasion. Tkx Bev for early Christmas gift! CH enjoyed the light saber, the one used on Halloween when Yoda was with the Force in SC/USA 🙂

Brunch continued to dinner at the coffee shop across the road, was a relief not to be near any of the weekend crowds in town. Another event at the common area downstairs, this time a flea-market. Ting was happy shopping with her eyes 🙂 🙂

Any man who reads too much and uses his own brain too little falls into lazy habits of thinking – Albert Einstein

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